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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An Analysis of Bank Phishing E-Mails - Barclays


It really is amazing that Barclays customers have been directly targetted in this way. Is it because Barclays has more customers? Is it because their customers are more vulnerable? Is Barclays security not as good as other banks?

I don’t know and can only guess.

The good news is that as from the 19th, the amount of phishing scams seem to have dropped significantly. Interestingly since then, ninety percent of the e-mails seem to be very amateurish with very bad spelling.

The last two e-mails to Barclays on the 28th and 29th are almost a joke. One points to a domain in Australia and the other to one in France.

If anybody is stupid enough to be taken in by either of those, they deserve to be conned.

Tip - If you are using Outlook 2003, move the mouse pointer over the link and the program will tell you the real link. If it's not Barclays, then don't click it.

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