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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Spam Fighting with Outlook 2003


I have recently changed to Outlook 2003 in order to test out the spam filter.

As I learn more and more about Outlook 2003, I can honestly say that the program is an order of magnitude better than Outlook XP.

My method of working is as follows :-

  • I have the Junk filter in Outlook 2003 set to Low. This seems to stop most of the spam, which it places in the Junk E-Mail folder.
  • I have the Junk E-Mail folder ordered by From, so that I can do a quick scan to see if anybody there is a friend not a spammer.
  • Every so often I move the contents of the Junk E-Mail folder to my spam store, where I hold every message I get. This may seem daft, but I analyse it for patterns.
  • A normal sane person would delete the spam.
  • If I find a message in the Junk E-Mail folder, which is not junk, I just mark it as such and Outlook 2003 can be set to remember the name.
  • All of this means that Outlook 2003 has quickly learned who are friends and who are foe.

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