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Monday, July 17, 2006

Is This the End of Bank Phishing E-Mails?


This note is a follow up to my previous note on Bank Phishing scams of the 1st of June. You can see from the graph below, that it appeared that the attacks on Barclays (in blue) and their customers may have stopped.

Bank Phishing E-Mails - Click for large

The graph shows all bank phishing scams I have received from the 5th of May until the 16th of July to about ten different web domain names. The banks shown are in order; Barclays, Co-Operative Bank, Lloyds TSB, Nationwide BS, PayPal, Foreign and Others. Colours are shown in the legend above the graph.

Phishing scams are where you are sent a fake e-mail and asked to enter your username, password and other details into a fake web site. If you do enter your details, your bank account is quickly emptied.

The graph shows some interesting patterns :-

1. Barclays have received the highest number of messages and the fiercest attacks for some time, but I have only had a couple of messages in the last four weeks.

2. There have been significant attacks on the Co-Operative Bank, Nationwide BS and Lloyds TSB. Analysis of these messages shows they could have been sent by the same group.

3. For the last ten days, there has not been more than a couple of messages each day. Most have been amateurish and aimed at a varied selection of banks.

The question that has to be asked is have we reached the end of this type of phishing scam?

If this is so, where will the criminals attack next?

A note is now available for downloading and distribution which gives full details.

Is This the End of Bank Phishing E-Mails?

Feel free to read and distribute as you require.

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