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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Letter to Barclays


On the 9th of June I wrote the following letter to John Varley, the Chief Executive of Barclays Bank about the phishing attacks on their bank.

Why I Won’t Use Barclays On-Line Banking

I have been a computer professional for the last forty years and in that time I’ve created two world class businesses.

For the last ten years I’ve been involved with the Internet, in the analysis of its use and misuse, with respect to promotion of companies, development of software, eCommerce and fraud. Since the beginning of 2001, I’ve shown increasing interest in the so-called phishing scams and have collected an extensive database.

All of this knowledge is soon to be published in a book called Making the Most of the Internet. The various frauds and scams form a large part.

Around the 19th of May, I thought that Barclays had finally removed the curse of phishing scams that have affected it for many years. The enclosed chart shows how I used to receive about fifty of these scams every day on the e-mail traps I have set. But since about the 3rd of June they have started again!

It puzzles me why Barclays is being singled out in this way! Is it because they are the largest on-line Bank? Is it because scams against Barclays are more likely to succeed?

I would certainly not bank on-line with any on-line bank that was being attacked in this way.
I have not received a reply.

Perhaps this sums up their attitude to phishing attacks. I shall be moving my Woolwich account elsewhere.

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