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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Getting to the Top in Google


There is no substitute for solid hard work.

I always use Google Webmaster Tools to check why your site is being found in Google. Have a look every day and see the changes. If the company is in the news see if this changes the pattern.

Think, analyse and write it all down.

Also find a search in Google that finds the company on the second or so page. Make sure it's not company specific, by using the company name or a product. Then track how the position of this search goes up and down.

In my opinion, there is only one thing that gets your web site to the top of the lists. And that is good solid content, which is constantly being added to. Does the company have a news page which it updates daily? Or does it let the site grow old and mouldy like a sandwich in the fridge?

As you will see elsewhere in this letter, I've been using blogs integrated into the site as news pages. They are also great ways of generating traffic. Think of all those words, that Google can index. So does your CEO, Support Department or whoever run a blog.

Remember though that paying for position in Google, is much the same as feeding a drug habit. When you withdraw, the site's life goes quickly downhill.



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