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Saturday, October 14, 2006

News and the Integrated Blog


This blog or weblog is fully integrated with the Making the Most of the Internet web site. It also serves as a professional news page for the book :-

1. It has the same navigation bar and menu as the main site.
2. Colours and feel is the same.
3. The blog is updated using Blogger in the same way as any other blog.
4. It is stored on the Making the Most of the Internet web site.

So how was this achived?

The blog was originally created in the same way as a normal blog and it was stored in a sub-directory of the Making the Most of the Internet web site. One of the standard templates called Scribe was originally used, although it has since been extensively modified.

The main page of the blog was put in the menu of the site. This meant that the blog was called directly from any of the pages in the web site.

The template of the blog was then gradually changed. Typically changes were :-

1. The main site style sheet was used.
2. The background was changed to the same as the main site.
3. The header was modified so that it included the standard site header.
4. The site was then gradually adjusted until it resembled the one you see now.

Was it difficult?

Yes and no! If you don't know style sheets and html, then don't attempt it, but if you do with patience you should be able to do the integration in a few hours.

But I would make sure you save the template before modifying it.

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