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Monday, October 23, 2006



I have cancelled my subscription to Vonage.

You may ask why.

The reason is that I found it impossible to get the system working with a standard NetGear router, when I changed it. Support was non-existent, so I felt the best thing to do would be to cut my losses.

And they had a cancellation charge of £23.99.

That stinks!

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Blogger vladimir allen said...

Mr. Miller,

I'm an avid reader of LED Digest and saw your post there. I decided to visit your blog. I noticed the link to Vonage and am saddened by your experience with Vonage and your router.

I've been with Vonage ever since their inception. I use a Linksys wire-wireless router which has been running mighty fine since the day I plugged it in (knock on wood). My most evident problem is with the cable provider, here, in the States, that is Time Warner Roadrunner. The cable is not under Vonage's control. It goes down more and more frequently which is becoming to get very aggrevating.

I wire the cable modem firstly to the Vonage phone adaptor, the adaptor to the router. That's it. Works super!

I also have the whole-house phone system plugged directly into the phone adaptor, giving me whole-house coverage. This was not originally advised by Vonage, however, I've had ZERO problems with it.

Many have had facsimile issues (especially in the beginning). I've had almost ZERO issues with faxing. I use an old, old, old zoom external modem (analog). It maintains the packets exceptionally more robust than digital modems and the faxes transmit almost 100% of the time. I have discovered that much depends on the receiving facsimile equipment of which I can do nothing about.

I wish I read your post before you canned Vonage. I probably could have helped. Besides, if yours is a land-line phone, I can VONAGE you for FREE and we could have possibly chatted a resolve for your issue! And if not, it would have been my pleasure to have been able to chat.

See you back at the LED Digest!

Kind regards,
Al Toman

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 1:51:00 pm  
Blogger James Miller said...

Perhaps I was hasty, but I had tried several times for over three montsh to solve the problem and they couldn't. I just got the same useless people every time.

This is not to decry the features of their system, when I had it going it was excellent.

But without help, I had to cut my losses.

Things have moved on a bit in that our stud is building new offices next to the house, so I will be changing the system completely. We will probably install a proper Internet-based exchange from someone like Epygi to handle all of our domestic needs, my business ones and those of the stud.

It looks like I'll chose Epygi as a company I deal with who have a very sound reputation, have got support people, who know Epygi backwards.

Thanks for your comments. All are welcome.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 2:01:00 pm  

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