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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The World's Least Professional Scammer


Over the last twenty four hours I have had endless copies of the same message, purporting to be from PayPal. As of 17:00, I had received 125 copies of the message.

PayPal Case PP-X26-928-08 Account Security Measures Notification.

All have the heading and are addressed to the same e-mail address. That in itself should make anybody with a modicum of common sense realise that this is a scam. The fact that they can't spell October is another clue.

So he's not very bright.

The web site that the e-mails point to is based in Virginia. Isn't that in the Land of the Free. Or should I say the Land of the Free to Scam and Spam?

Update - Just as quick as they came, the messages have now stopped. The last one was at 20:25, yesterday.



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