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Friday, January 26, 2007

Checking UK Post Codes


Confirming UK addresses is very easy as UK post codes generally only cover about a dozen houses. Many legitimate businesses also have their own post code.

1. Go to and they have an almost free postcode finder, that you can use to check addresses. I say almost-free as you can only do so many free checks a day.
2. Go to and type the post code in quotes into Google searching the UK only. Try it with "CB8 9LU" which is my postcode.
3. Go to and type the post code in to get a map.

In most cases this will give you enough evidence to find a crook.

I had a scam supposedly from The National Lottery, PO Box 1010, Liverpool L70 1NL. I typed the postcode into the Royal Mail and they didn't know it. The Royal Mail post code finder is very up to date.

Also try out CB8 8NP, which is the post code of my bank. You will find that it not only gives the address, but the name of the Bank. Thus, if you have a business address, it often checks directly. I also think that the Royal Mail doesn't give out a post code without checking the building or company physically.

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