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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Marketing a Film


Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but now that Google, Blogger and YouTube are now united and will link their search strategies in the next few months, I think that you now have the perfect medium for viral marketing of anything. And that includes a film.

This is the blog for my book, Making the Most of the Internet, and it shows how a blog can be fully integrated into a web site.

Note :-

1. The blog is fully indexed, so you can find anything you want quickly.
2. A blog is updated by just logging in and adding the name of the article and the text.
3. You can also add pictures and video clips quickly and easily.
4. Readers can add comments to the blog, which can be unmoderated, moderated or added by approved users only. I prefer the unmoderated, as you can always remove the offensive.
5. Anybody with the right permissions can add topics to the blog. So you, the director and the tea boy can all be empowered.
6. The blog is easily linked to YouTube and external web pages.

But I think the great thing about using an integrated blog is that you will get feedback and you might like to use this to change either the film or the way it is promoted and marketed.

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