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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Power of Celebrity


In my test blog, I made a sensible comment about a minor celebrity, who is well liked in the UK, for what they do.

I was quite surprised at what happened.

I now find that approximately ten percent of my page views are to the four pages in the blog that refer to them. The blog has about 200 posts and about 1,200 page views every day. There is also quite a correlation between the page views and when they are in the news.

Does this give an interesting way to get your web site up the search engine?

Suppose you are a local business in a town like Ipswich or Norwich in the UK or say Boise in the US. You might be a garden centre, a clothes shop or a speciality cheese shop. So perhaps some of your SEO money might better be diverted to a minor local celebrity who already uses your services. They could promote your site with a few comments, which would then be picked up by the search engine. It's also a two way street, so they might like the local promotion too.

I think if my logic is correct, that this is rather a sad commentary on how much celebrities shape our lives and ideas.



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