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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Aegis Capital Group


This company is still being plagued by spam.

I've just read their web site and they say this :-

Important Notice
An unaffiliated company with a Hong Kong website is apparently sending fraudulent notices of a part-time administrator position. There is no such position open with Aegis Capital Group LLC, and the recruitment emails are being sent by an overseas organization that is seeking to impersonate Aegis Capital Group LLC, presumably to perpetrate a fraud upon anyone responding to the email.

We have received many reports of this unaffiliated company relentlessly spamming targets to lure them into this fraud, particularly targets who may have posted resumes on job boards like Aegis Capital Group does not have any job openings, and is not sending these spam emails. We have received many requests from targets to remove them from the spam list, and we have received a lot of “spam back” emails and even a few threatening telephone calls to our receptionists. We know the spam is annoying, but we are not sending it and we cannot remove anyone from the spam list that is being maintained by these overseas fraudsters. We have reported the problem to local law enforcement, but their ability to stop the overseas web abusers is limited. You can forward the spam emails to, and maybe the Federal Trade Commission will be able to help get you off the list or close down the fraud sites. There are a few blogs (eg.,, and that have posted a lot of information on this fraud, as well as others, and we would encourage any frustrated spam targets to visit these sites and support these bloggers.

Thanks to them for plugging my website.

But on a more serious note, it just shows how a sensible and respectible company can do little about these evil crooks



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