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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nothing Changes


I had lunch today with Peter Phillips, the retired insolvency practioner (and expert/OBE) and he showed me a clipping about his father from the London Evening News for Friday, August 19, 1938.

Nearly seventy years ago seems a long while ago when there were no computers, jet engines, mobile phones, ball point pens, Victoria Line (and Beckham), Big Brother as we know it, helicopters, McDonalds, Fosters and of course the Internet.

I looked at the two stories on the clipping from the paper.

The first is a story about trouble in Palestine, where five British airmen and about fifty Arabs were killed.

The second is a story concerning Peter's father, Bernard, who was also an insolvency specialist.

On Track of Tanfield's Gold and Jewels

"Startling Developments" Expected By Bankruptcy Official

Creditors of Stanley William Tanfield, the convicted sharepusher, who is now serving seven years penal servitude in Wormwood Scrubs, may be paid 20s. in the £ if new lines of enquiry, begun today are successful.

The trustees in the bankruptcies of Tanfield and his wife expect "startling developments" during the next four days in their widespread search for the hidden hoard of gold and jewellery which Tanfield accumulated shortly before his arrest.

Claims against Tanfield total £40,000 and against his wife £20,000.

More Clues

Valuable information was received today by the Trustees from more anonymous telephone-callers and anonymous letter-writers, claiming to be former associated of Tanfield.

All day long, Mr. Bernard Phillips, one of the trustees, had gone to different addresses in London, following up inquiries.

So we have a story about Palestine and one about a sharepusher.

Wouldn't a sharepusher be a "pump and dump" merchant today?

Nothing changes.

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