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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How Scams Work


I have received this detailed account from E about how the scams work. Thanks to him for his concise details.

Read it and if you still want to get involved, read it again and again, until you decide that you have better things to do with your money like getting it out of the bank and setting fire to it.

You may post this to your web site, if you like.
The money transfer scam works like this:

The scammers transfer dirty money to the victim's bank
account (after the victim unwittingly supplies them with
their bank details.) The victim then transfer the funds to
one of the scammer's 'designated accounts' and removes,
as per instructions, a percentage for his 'commission.'
Unbeknownst to the poor souls who fall for this obvious
scam, they become unwittingly entangled in an international
money laundering scheme, the results of which can have
criminal implications.

The scammers also use the bank account details given to
them to cut new plastic using the victim's name. They use
the card and the victim's stolen personal information to buy
products on sites like e-bay and others, and in shopping malls.
They then re-sell the stolen goods, move to new bogus 'delivery'
addresses and keep the cash flowing in their money laundry.
This is done to hundreds of victims every day by criminal gangs
operating worldwide.

You've been robbed, had your identity stolen, and committed
a crime by being an accessory to money laundering criminals.

Its a multi-billion pound business each year operated almost
entirely by organized criminal gangs, especially mafia, operating
from Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe and offshore tax havens. The
authorities can't crack it. It is next to impossible to catch them.

Moral of Story:

A. Buyer Beware
B. Do NOT respond to spam

E is one hundred percent right with the last bit.

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