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Monday, November 26, 2007

JB Business Finance



One out of five.

Good Day,

We are glad that you have an inclination for cooperation with our company.

Our company "JB Business Finance" is a huge holding which consists of some companies of different market segments. The main sections are freight services, software development and sale, bank operations.

In connection with our company service promotion we declare the next vacancies:

1) Financial Manager.

2) Shipping and Receiving Manager.

If you cannot click on vacancy:

- Please visit our site :
- Read operating conditions in section : For Employees
- Further follow instructions.

You train during working.

Demands to personnel:

1) Aged more than 26;

2) Computer + Internet (skills with Word, Excel);

3) Be online mode during 1-2 hour per day (for checking and handling of parcels and communication with personal manager);

4) Be available at home or cell phone during working hours;

5) Consignment of the correspondence which delivered to your address to one of our company branch.

Observances, learning capability, attentiveness and punctuality are welcomed.

Your occupation will be 1-2 hours per day. Some days will be completely vacant that means you may combine two jobs. The main idea it shouldn't make obstacles to work with our company.

To become more acquainted with positions you should choose one of them and click by a mouse. Go further you should pass the registration. After this our manager will call you to have confirmation and clarifying some questions. After this procedure we send you a contract for signing and scanning which you should send to our e-mail address. As soon as we receive a contract signed by you we start working.

Best regards,

Judkins Dirk (staff manager)



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