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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dickson James



One out of five.

Attention Dear Friend,
Complement of the day, my quest for a responsible business partner brought me to you, having considered how best to reach you, I resorted to email, since I cannot call you to explain my proposal on the phone, I do hope you understand with me for sending you this unexpected email, though very important!
I am Dickson James, I write to seek your co-operation and assistance as a foreign partner to enable us make some funds transfer so we can invest in a more stable economy, probably in your country, if good investment ventures abound. I am a senior civil servant with the Nigeria Civil Service Commission, I am making this proposal to you in strict confidence on behalf of myself and partner. As civil servants in my country, the Nigeria Civil Service
Commission(NCSC) code of
conduct beareau forbids us to own a foreign account and we have in our possession an overdue payment bill totaling Fifty Million United States (US$50,000, 000.00) which we want to transfer abroad with the assistance and co-operation of an individual or organisation to receive the funds via a reliable bank account on our behalf.

To enable me educate you more on the modalities of this transaction, for your assistance and participation, you shall have 30% of the entire sum and 60% will be for me and my partner, while 10% or less of the entire sum will be used to defray all expenses such as, taxation and other miscellaneous incurred in the course of transferring these funds to your account.

Do note that all modalities have been perfected towards ensuring a hitch free transfer of these funds, so on receipt of your sincere desire of assisting us, we will swing into full action as we hope to complete the transfer of the funds within a 14 working days, with your assistance and total commitment.Find attach herein my International passport for your reference. Please we are counting on your support, because this transaction will workout in a very short time, we have our share, you keep yours, or as the case may be, invest in a joint venture.

Dickson James



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