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Friday, March 28, 2008

Juan Appiah



Two out of five. I've added the extra point, because she did send a nice picture.


I know this letter will come to you as a surprise but I used this medium to write because it is the easiest and fastest way of communication around the globe.
By introduction I am Juan Appiah 17 years old orphan, I was adopted by Late Hajjiah Mahama Usman when I was three months old baby according to my late widow mother may her soul rest in perfect peace amen.

She died two months ago at the age of 69 after a long illness, before her death she called me secretly and gave me CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSITS of some funds deposited with a Financial Firm amounting to $ 8.5 million dollars and a 50kg box of gold dust and told me to keep it to myself that I will make use of it when I become a full grown woman in future.
After that she called me and her lawyer together and instructed the lawyer to will 1/4 of her properties to my names and rest to her relatives which the lawyer agreed but to my greatest surprise the lawyer diverted all the properties to her relatives alone without given me any, but I cannot oppose them due to my tender age.

Then I related this incident to my class teacher who introduced me to her brother who is also a lawyer who promised that he will help me secure the necessary document that will empower me lay claims to the funds, but on one condition, he made me to understand that the funds will only be claimed if I will be able to get a foreigner from any part of the world who will be honest and reliable to stand as a foreign beneficiary to the funds because the funds was deposited in an escrow account without any beneficiary that will enable him proceed to the high court of justice here Ghana and obtain a SWORN AFFIDAVIT OF CHANGE OF BENEFICIARY in your names that will empower you to lay claims to the funds.

Please I am seeking for your assistance to help me stand as the foreign beneficiary to the funds, so I will join you in your country to further my education as soon as the funds is transferred to your account in your country.
Attached to this mail is my picture photograph for your perusal.
I am waiting to hear from you soonest because my life is not safe here in Ghana.

Best regards,
Juan Appiah.
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