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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kenneth Zulugan



One out of five.

Dear Friend,

I am Mr Kenneth Zulugan. I am currently working with One of the Rural Banks in South Africa as a regional branch manager.

And now, I am in grip of funds; Thirty-One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars($31.8m USD) readily available for you and me to share, and I am seeking for your cooperation to transfer this cash money to your position.

I realized these funds as part of unclaimed deposited funds by a deceased person who deals on Diamond and precious stones in Ghana before his death in 2003. Last year 2007 some funds where discovered unclaimed, and according to the Banking policy; such funds are to be taken to the "National Treasury"but was embezzled by some people, I don't want to fold my hands watch them again on this particular fund that has come as opportunity for me and you.

Immediately I realized these funds $31.8m, I placed it on Sundry Escrow Account here in our bank in South Africa here without beneficiary information and no person knows about it and Because of my position as a regional manager in my bank,the code of conduct bureau forbids me from operating a foreign account,this is why I am contacting you.

Now I chose you as partner and what I want from you is to apply to our Bank head-office as the beneficiary of this fund to be transfer to you and only you as a foreigner can claim this money, while I will furnish you every prove/information as the true owner of this money. I am ready to share 40% of the thirty One million Eight hundred thousand
dollars($31.8m) for you while 60% will be for me.

As soon as the money $31.8m is transferred into your account, please keep my share, while I decide on which investment I will establish in your country. This transfer is a risk free transaction, this is bank to bank transfer. Kindly and urgently reply to me your willingness for successful transfer.

Yours truly,

Kenneth Zulugan.



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