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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

John Holtz Holdings


Fraud. Same as the other one today.

One out of five!

My name is Morgan Peterson of John Holtz Holdings Ltd.
is a Consortium of Export/Import Trade Based in the United Kingdom dealing with the marketing,distribution Import and Export of Platic Fibres .

You are receiving this email because We are currently recruiting payment officers in your Locality.

Your responsibility will be to :

a.Process payments and disburse to payment officers under you.

b.To maintain and update the payment website under which you man

c.To send weekly reports on status of payments of transactions.

With 10% coming in on each successful job round as commission ,we are willing to create the right opportunity for you and possible job safety.

If you already work and need something else to bring more funds,this is the offer too!If you would like this send an email to the address below stating your interest and possible qualifications along with these information:

1. Your Name:
2. Mailing Address:
3. State:
4. Zip Code:
5. Phone Number:
6. Country:
7. Age:
8. E-mail address:

Send an email to:

Morgan Peterson
John Holtz Holdings Ltd (Recruitment/Protocol)

Important Notes :-

1. Whatever you do, do not respond to any e-mail like this. If you have given bank details to any fraudster like this, then inform your bank immediately and also make sure that you close the account.

2. If the e-mail mentions a well known e-mail address such as from,, etc., then why not forward the offending e-mail to, etc. Hopefully, they'll remove the e-mail address, which will stop people being sucked in.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the latest version of this scam:


John Holtz Holdings, LLC is recruiting individuals to become
payment processor. The assignment will pay $400.00 on each payment processed.

Kindly fill out the application form below and we will get back to you with the assignment details.

Full Name :
Contact Address(Not PO Box)
City, State, Zip Code .
Cell Phone Number .
Current Occupation.
Alternate Email Address .
Recruiting officer.
J Williams.

Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:35:00 am  

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