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Friday, June 23, 2006

Have NatWest and Nationwide Merged?


Take a good look at this bank phishing e-mail.

A Nationwide Bank Phishing E-Mail - Click for large

A few points to note :-

1. The e-mail address of This is why I put the header.
2. Nationwide is spelt as Nation Wide. Certainly English is not their native tongue.
3. There is an extra semi-colon between the two logos at the top of the e-mail.
4. The text in the e-mail is not very professional. The capitalisation and use of commas is not what you'd expect of a professional organisation like Nationwide Building Society.
5. What does Reference * mean?
6. The URL points to which is registered to Media Temple in Culver City, California.
7. Have you ever heard anybody talk about Customers Service.

At least they got the spelling of Nationwide Building Society correct in the last line.

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