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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Poor E-Mail Management from ASDA


A couple of months ago, I started getting e-mails to from both ASDA and Tesco. The address does not exist and I have no connection with any Wingfield Hotel.

I tried to login to both sites and couldn't remove myself from the list as I hadn't created the entry.

So I wrote to both ASDA and Tesco. For a bit of fun, I enclosed the letter to ASDA in the one to Tesco and vice versa.

After a month or so, I got a charming e-mail from Tesco.

Thank you for your letter regarding the above, after some investigation and difficulty in getting hold of Mr & Mrs Wright at the Wingfield Hotel I have an explanation for you. According to Mr Wright, his wife made a mistake when registering on our website and that of ASDA, their email address is the, a pleasant place to stay apparently, but unlikely to get much business if they make the same mistake in advertising.

We have updated our database to ensure we direct any future email correctly, I'm sorry if this has caused you an inconvenience.

Good luck with Daisy Analysis Ltd.


Crawford Davidson

Marketing Director
As not a word has been heard from ASDA, I've sent a complaint to the Information Commissioner.

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