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Thursday, November 30, 2006

UK Anti-Spam Day


The Times on Saturday summed up the problem of spam, but what we need is a sound method to fight it.

As they point out, the main problem is the millions of computers that are not protected. But methods of protection are available, that are either very affordable or in some cases absolutely free. Just as with smallpox, if everybody is inoculated, then the disease has nowhere to go and it just dies.

The media, such as the newspapers, serious and not-so-serious, and broadcasters, like the BBC, ITV and Sky could be the key to stopping the menace of spam. It's a war out there, so we must use all the battalions we can muster.

For instance, if we made Friday, December 29th, UK Anti-Spam Day, the media could use its immense power, with articles and programs to get everybody to inoculate their computers. I'm sure companies, advertisers and Monty Python would all enjoy the publicity.

Why that day? How many of us are going up the wall over Christmas and are looking for something worthwhile to do?


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