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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dell Computer Installation


I used to recommend Dell computers highly in that their systems, delivery and support were all you could want.

However, I've just installed a new machine for Celia and getting it to perform well has been a nightmare. The computer was loaded with a whole load of junk that I would never buy.

For instance, there was a program called the Dell Network Analyser, which all it seemed to do was chew up 99% of the CPU. Once I'd deleted this piece of junk, the machine ran a lot better.

There was also the garbage from AOL, which no-one serious ever uses. Norton Host was something I didn't want to.

I just wish they wouldn't add all this unnecessary software when they sell a machine. It would be so easy to write a small software downloader, that gave you the choice of what Dell recommended products you needed to add.

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