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Friday, December 08, 2006

Website Accessibility


There's actually more to this than you think. It's not just making sure that your web site is easily accessed, by the special software used by the visually impaired. for isntance, you should document images and avoid complicated Java.

I'm sixty next year and need glasses to read the screen, as do many people. But often your glasses are not as strong as they need to be to read some web sites. Dare I say it, but some because vanity don't wear the glasses they should!

So make sure that the text isn't too small.

I suspect that one of the problems is that most web designers are young and don't appreciate the problems of older and disabled users.

As an aside to this, my wife has several different shampoos and conditioners. When I run out of my shampoo, I then have to decipher which of hers are shampoo. Several times, I've tried to wash my hair in conditioner, as none seem to have large labels saying what they are!

So it's not just a web problem.



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