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Monday, February 19, 2007

Forcing Someone To Read An E-Mail


This post was in response to someone, who wanted to force his addressees to read an e-mail announcing his conference.

Never, never, never force someone to read an e-mail.

I would do this.

1. Create a very simple e-mail, that is a concise message, that says where, when and what the conference is about. The only graphic might be a small picture or cartoon in the e-mail.

2. Have a link in the e-mail to the web site that describes the conference in detail.

3. Have a link to a printable poster, so they can advertise your conference in college.

4. I would also have a link, in which they can register their interest, so that you get the details right. Perhaps, you could have a draw for a small prize.

Then lastly, I'd send another e-mail a week later, with a humorous tone saying that you are sorry to intrude, but we're just checking that you heard about the conference.

But if you force a possible client, they'll go away.



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