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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Week of Royal VIP Casino Spam


I'm getting so fed up with this one, that I decided to analyse it all fully.

I searched the whole weeks spam and came up with revised totals for the week.

Sunday - 224
Monday - 337
Tuesday - 291
Wednesday - 0
Thursday - 105
Friday - 362
Saturday - 802

Total - 2121

I had a total 48530 messages spam messages in the week, so this Casino Group sent me just over 4.37% of all the rubbish I got.

Of these messages only 261 are actually addressed to valid e-mail addresses. So only 12 percent of messages are valid and the other 88 percent probably would get bounced, thus adding to the spam.

Is that intended by the spammers to create a pile of shit in which to hide real messages?

So who is sending out all of this rubbish?

The web site has an Antiguan phone number as it starts with 1-268. The first flag on the site is Russian and is that because the domain names used are all registered in that country.


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