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Monday, February 26, 2007

What is a Domain Name Worth


We breed and sell racehorses.

Domain names are very similar. Some are worthless, some will get different valuations from different experts and others will sell for several times your valuation.

So as with anything in life, establish a minimum price that you will accept for the domain and be prepared to transfer it, if someone gets above that limit. Bite their hand off if you think they are overpaying.

What makes a high price for a domain is really only common sense. Is it memorable? Is it a virgin and unsullied by spam? Has it been used before? Is it likely to be subject to a legal challenge? For instance, if you had registered many years ago before anybody else had thought of that as a product name, you'd probably be alright, but if you'd done it when after you'd heard of the name, then you wouldn't be.

I would also set up your own page for every page you are selling, stating what it has been used for.

At present I'm selling and I've set that up as a Google Ad. I'll let everybody know if that works. Or doesn't.


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