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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jabi Williams



One out of five!

From: Mr. Jabi Williams
Manager International
Commercial Bank Ghana,
First Light, Kaneshi Branch.

Dear Friend,

Please I got your contact from my bank global email addresses catalogue for
2007 and I believed you are an honest person and also trust worthy to entrust
this transfer with.

My name is Jabi Williams. I am the manager of the International Commercial
Bank Ghana, First Light ,Kaneshi Branch. I am a Ghanaian, married with two

I am writing to solicit your assistance in the transfer of US $18,550.000.00.
This fund is the excess profit of what my branch in which I am the manager made
as profit during the last bank financial year.

I have already submitted an approved end of the year financial report for the
year 2006 to my Head office here in Accra and they will never know of this
excess. I have since then, placed this fund on a suspense Account Without a

As an officer of the bank, I cannot be directly connected to this money thus I
am impelled to request for your assistance to receive this money into your bank
account.I intend to part 30% of this fund to you while 70% shall be for me.

I do need to stress that there are practically no risk involved in this. It's
going to be a bank- to-bank transfer. All I need from you is to stand as the
original depositor of this fund. If you accept this offer, Please I will
appreciate your timely response.

Thank you.
With regards,
Mr.Jabi Williams

Important Notes :-

1. Whatever you do, do not respond to any e-mail like this. If you have given bank details to any fraudster like this, then inform your bank immediately and also make sure that you close the account.

2. If the e-mail mentions a well known e-mail address such as from,, etc., then why not forward the offending e-mail to, etc. Hopefully, they'll remove the e-mail address, which will stop people being sucked in.



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