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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nationwide Drops a Laptop


I hate laptops.

They are difficult to use, the screen is small, the mouse is awful and above all they are fragile. Drop one and say good-bye to your data. My Son, George, makes money by resurrecting them. Often people don't back them up which makes matters worse.

But then so many people think of a laptop as an extension of their ego and want the biggest and best, when quite frankly a better desktop would be much more suitable.

They have their uses, but these are much more in the fields of collecting data and doing demonstrations.

So what do we read this morning?

A story about how an employee of Nationwide Building Society had his laptop stolen in a domestic burglary. And everybody's account details were on it!

Two questions must be asked?

1. What was that data doing on his machine in a place where it could be stolen?

2. Why did Nationwide take three months to release details of the theft, when account security might have been compromised?

It shows yet again, how some banks do not treat the security and the Internet in particular seriously.



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