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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Refreshing Browser


I was asked by a client to provide a browser with no borders that refreshed. Not that easy, as you need to have some means of control, so that you can switch the program off and configure it. I solved that with a small control panel you can click in the corner.

His application sounds bizarre in that he wanted to display text messages on a screen in an entertainment venue, such as a bar, pub or club. Think about it though and your mind races as to what purposes you'd use such a system for. I will not speculate here. But as you can see he wants the maximum screen and he wants it to look like television rather than a web browser.

I succeeded and the result was an update to my Refreshing Browser.

The applications have since cracked on apace.

I have friends who use it to demo their product on the web as on a laptop the extra screen space is valuable.

The program can now be script driven, so that sequences of web pages, such as news, sport and adverts can be put together as simple displays for a shop, cafe or pub.

Thinking this through, you could have a company like Starbucks, that has a display in each cafe, that serves up a mixture of news, sports and adverts, silently to all their customers. It would only require a standard PC with a large plasma screen and an broadband Internet connection. All control would be central, with only a reboot required locally.

I ran this through with the manager of my local computer store which is part of a large UK chain and he was very enthusiastic for all sorts of reasons, but mainly the central control which would save his staff time.

I have received several enthusiastic reactions and feel it should be shared as many on this list, may have applications in their companies or clients.

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