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Friday, June 01, 2007

Tiscali - A Cautionary Tale


Tiscali have been suffering attacks by spammers and some of their customers have been unable to send e-mails.

This is the start of an article in the Daily Telegraph.

Thousands of emails sent over the past week may have disappeared into a "black hole" without any warning they have been lost.

A small percentage of Tiscali Broadband's 1.8 million customers are thought to be affected, with an unknown proportion of all emails going astray, after the company fell victim to "spammers".

Although the problem began a week ago - on May 24 - many customers are still unaware they may have lost important business and social messages because the usual "error" warnings are not being returned.

I've just looked at their web site and the front page says nothing about this.

That is not a very good customer support policy.



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