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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Evelyin Robort


Fraud with added God.

One out of five.

Donation From Sisterrs. EVELYIN ROBORT
Very expensive Greetings
From the Almighty Elohim.

I am Mrs. EVELYIN ROBORT of Congolese origin, I married with Mr.KUMARGARY ROBORT of INDIAN origin which worked with HCR(haut commissariat of the refugees )in dimension of ivory coast during nine years before he dead in 2004. We were married during eleven years without any child before his death.

He died after a short sickness which lasted only four days. Before his death we were both of enthusiasts Christian. My late husband,deposited the sum of 11.2 Million $ American (Eleven million Two hundred and thousand Dollars American) in a Bank in Abidjan here in cote d' ivory.

The Bank also have their branch office in European which I will forward to you as i will like you to visit their office over thereto a certain the whole truth Concerning the deposit of the consignment trunk with the Bank firm. Recently, my doctor informed me that I would suffer from a serious disease: called cancer. The evil which disturbs me more is hypertension.

After having known my state I decided to give these funds to a CHURCH or a person who will use this money such as I would inform it. I thus seek a CHURCH or a person of confidence which will put these funds at the services of the orphanages, widows, thus propagating the word of God and to make so that the work of GOD is maintained. The BIBLE declares that the hand is blessed which gives. I made this decision because I do not have anybody who will take care l of this money over here than to donate it to the orphan, I am at your disposal.

My husband were Indian and I never had the occasion to also know his parents. Me I do not have any close relations only some cousins lonitaine in whom I do not have any confidence reason for which I make this decision. I do not fear death consequently I know that I will join the father Celeste. I know that I will be in the kingdom of God's verse of the BIBLE says this:" God will defend my cause and I will remain in his peace".
As soon as I receive your answer I would send to you the contact of the Bank here in Abidjan. I will also join a letter of authority which will prove to you that I benefit current of this fund. I want that you and your family always requests for me so that GOD is always my hope. My happiness is that I lived a life of worthy Christian.why I serve GOD must serve it in the spirit and the truth.

Please remain inthe prayer all your life. To contact me with the address e-mail and you can as well contact my Lawyer by Email Address his name is Barrister Koffi Adams , please I reassure that you will act as consequence as I evoked Ci-high. While expect receiving your answer May GOD bless you.

Currently,I reside in a residence in an Hospital called Ekogenhospitalhomestead here is the EmailAddress of the Hospital you can contact the Doctor of the hospital to know more about my condition if what am saying is real or not also here is the Email contact to my Pastor of my Church which is , all is in Abidjan in cote d ivory.

Yours sister,
Sister Evelyin Robort.



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