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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ahlaji Dangoyaro Usnman


Fraud. A genuine Nigerian one too. It's a pity all these keep coming, as if you are an honest Nigerian, it must be very difficult doing business.

One out of five.


Dear friend,
I got your contract through the world trade Encyclopedia during my search for a reliable individual/company who can jointly handle strictly confidential transaction with me which involves the transfer of a reasonable sum of money to a foreign bank account. Due to the nature of this business transaction, a neutral person like you is preferred.For introductory purpose, I AM AHLAJI DANGOYARO USNMAN .a member of the Contract Review Panel set up by the present civilian government of Nigeria to look into all contract awards and payments to foreign contractors by all her agencies with a view of ascertaining their genuineness. In the course of our investigation, it was discovered that every contractor has been paid his or her entitlement in full,but in the suspense account of the Nigeria National Petroleum corporation with STANDARD TRUST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC we found about US$35.5m.

Further findings revealed that it was as a result of the over-invoicing of certain contracts by officials of the Petroleum Corporation.With no one laying claims to this over-invoiced amount, the Contract Review Panel unanimously decided to transfer this money into a foreign bank account for their personal use. But because the code of conduct of the Federal civil service does not permit us (civil servants) to operate foreign accounts, we decided to solicit your assistance in transferring the fund.
In order to test the sincerity of a Morrocan we had intended transfering themoney into his account, we first transferred the sum of US$5m into his account but suprisingly, he refused to disburse our own share of the money to us threatening to report us to the Federal Government of our country,hence, our resolve to remit the balance of US$30.5m into the account of a areliable,Trustworthy and sincere individual or organisation.
For your services, you will be entitled to 20% of the total amount, 75% will be for the Panel members that includes my humble self while the remaining 5% will be for the settlement of expenses incurred by both parties in the course of carrying out the transaction.As top civil servants, anything that will jeopardise our over 20 years of selfless service to the nation must be avoided in order not to be labelled economic saboteurs. Therefore, we implore you to keep everything about this deal strictly confidential until thefunds has been transferred. For further details, get in touch with me through my e-mail address and telephone line and if you adhere strictly to instructions, this transaction will be concluded within 9 (nine) working days from the date of receipt of particulars requested. Note furthermore that the information required is important ingredients to the successful consumation of this deal.
We have concluded all the necessary underground works to facilitate the smooth transfer of the funds into an account that you will norminate and send to us. All the security details have also been concluded. For instance, I have concluded arrangements to retrieve and destroy all the documents connected with this funds transfer as soon as the funds arrive in your bank account.This measure is simply to ensure that the funds is not traced to you now or in the future.
Your security is guaranteed. As I await your prompt response, remember to keep the transaction strictly confidential at all times. For security of this transaction, you are to direct all communication with me through my MAIL; or AHLAJI DANGOYARO USNMAN.



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