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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Michael Daviliers



One out of five.

Good day Daisy_Analysis_Ltd
This business letter is for the sole attention of Daisy_Analysis_Ltd.
My name is Michael Daviliers. I am writting this brief businessletter to bring to your attention a business offer which we believe you might find attractive.
Mrs Maria Stevens; wife of one of the wealthy white farmers (Late Mr.
David Stevens) seeks a business assistance from
a reliable and reputable businessman overseas to invest and manage funds to the tune of 15 Million United States dollars.
The ugly situation in Zimbabwe has made most white farmers who own
investments in Zimbabwe to consider relocation and reinvesting overseas
hence being a financial consultant I have been contacted to search for an
offshore investment fund manager.
They desire to relocate their investments and funds overseas and would
gladly welcome you or your company as the investment fund manager. They are currently in Pretoria as political refugee under
the care of United Nations; hence your role shall be to facilitate the
relocation of the total sum of 15 Million United States dollars to any
nominated account of your choice in your country for reinvestment
purposes. Also you shall be able to identify and develop investment portfolio (project) in your country and also ensure that you utilize the available funds to actualize same investment portfilio.
The said investments shall be in the name of the family Late Mr. David
Stevens. Though without limitations they are interested in areas of
Shares, landed properties, home acquisitions, Agriculture,
Hotels,tourism,partnership with existing companies,
and any other profitable investment
Late Mr. David Stevens was a share holder with the commercial farmers
union, situated in Harare in Zimbabwe and when he passed away due to an attarck by Zimbabwe veterans, the family ensured that his funds were evacuated from Zimbabwe and held in an investment account in a Bank in a bank in south Africa.
At the maturity of the investment account, the famly has asked me to
source a reliable businessman/individual or company in your country
who will assist them in securing and reinvesting funds overseas in a solid
investment under the name of the family.
The family is ready to compensate you with 20% of the total funds for your
assistance in relocating funds overseas and also for reinvesting funds in
a profitable venture on their behalf.
Please we do believe that there are numerous investment opportunities in
your country hence without limitations to the above mentioned, if you have
investment plans and ideas that could be developed with the above stated
funds on behalf of the surviving family of late Mr. David Stevens, let us
go ahead and work to actualize this.
In reply please kindly contact Mrs. Maria Stevens at
We know that there is numerous emails of this nature but you will be
delighted as you shall meet the white lady (Mr. Maria Stevens) in person
in pursuance of this business concern. Also take note that his matter is
an urgent one as the situation in Zimbabe is deteriorating.
Do not reply my email rather contact Mrs .Maria directly at
I have gone through the who plan and find it very attractive and without any risk what soever;
you shall email her your reply but if you would like to speak to me please kindly
call me on the number: +27780740444
You shall receive comprehensive documents and contracts to pursue
this matter from Mrs. Maria Stevens hereself. Do also ensure that you preserve the confidentiality imposed
on this business trasaction.
The links below provide information about Late David Stevens and family
Michael Daviliers



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