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Friday, October 24, 2008

Vivian Salem



One out of five!

Greetings, My name is Mrs.Vivian Salem , wife of late Salem Nasim an Iraqi, One year ago, I lost my husband Nasim and three children - Husam, 15 years old , Wasim, 12 years old and Merna, 6 years old, this happened when a Combatant Military Tank Shelled our car as my family attempted to flee heavy fighting in Baghdad. View the Explosion site below: My husband was a renowned Industrialist in Iraq, until his tragic death, he deposited the sum of $6.5million (Six million, Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars) with a Security & Finance Firm in Europe for safe keeping. My reason for contacting you is that Baghdad -Iraq is no longer a safe place for investment for the fear of encountering the same experience of my late husband in future since massive bomb attack are going on every day, killing innocent people, hence my need to invest this money in your country, either in real estate or any viable business venture you may suggest. Based on this point I seek for your assistance as a reliable partner to do this project with me abroad. If you are interested in assisting me to invest this money in your country and becoming my partner in business, please try to contact me as soon as possible. Endeavor to keep this transaction very private and confidential because it's my lifetime future investment as I am a widow now and the fact that I am from Iraq. Do include the following details in your reply. (1) Full name and address (2) Occupation (3) Your age (4) Telephone number for easy Communication. Yours faithfully, Mrs.Vivian Salem.

Important Notes :-

1. Whatever you do, do not respond to any e-mail like this. If you have given bank details to any fraudster like this, then inform your bank immediately and also make sure that you close the account.

2. If the e-mail mentions a well known e-mail address such as from,, etc., then why not forward the offending e-mail to, etc. Hopefully, they'll remove the e-mail address, which will stop people being sucked in.



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