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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unity Loan Investment Company


Fraud. Not sure how, but it stinks like a dead seal.

One out of five!

Good Day,

Unity Loan Investment Company is offering outs loans to the public with a very low rate of 0.5%. We offer out personal and business loans. Are you in debt and you need an urgent loan? Do you need a real estate loan? Do you need secured or unsecured loan? Need financing but don't know how to go about securing a loan? Contact us for help. Financing shouldn't be a mystery. We would love to fund projects at hand and offer personal loans as well to you, your firm/partners and clients. A loan process can be completed within a space of one week provided terms of loan contract is agreed upon. Look no further, contact UNITY INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS COMPANY today on.


Amount Needed:
Mobile/personal Phone Number:
Home phone Number:

We only give out loans from $5,000 - 1,000,000,000 with a maximum time duration of 30years.

Yours in Service,

Important Notes :-

1. Whatever you do, do not respond to any e-mail like this. If you have given bank details to any fraudster like this, then inform your bank immediately and also make sure that you close the account.

2. If the e-mail mentions a well known e-mail address such as from,, etc., then why not forward the offending e-mail to, etc. Hopefully, they'll remove the e-mail address, which will stop people being sucked in.



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