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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Philip Doherty



One out of five.

Dear Friend,


This letter is strictly personal, intimate and confidential. Forgive this unusual manner of contacting you, but this particular letter is of exceptional and very private nature. There is absolutely going to be a great doubt and distrust in your heart in respect of this email, coupled with the fact that, so many miscreants have taken possession of the Internet to facilitate their nefarious deeds, thereby making it extremely difficult for genuine and legitimate business class persons to get attention and recognition. There is no way for me to know whether I will be properly understood, but it is my duty to write and reach out to you. For I know that you are the only one that can be trusted to handle this project effectively without making us regret. The recommendation I got concerning you is enough to get us started with you!

I head a four-man committee on debt reconciliation supported by the EURO-DOLLAR-ECO FUNDS SYNDICATION within the ECOWAS region. In recent past, we have carefully arranged a contract with a foreign firm, in which the cost was over-invoiced deliberately to favor us. We presently want a foreign partner preferably in Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific who can assist us in getting the funds transferred to a nominated bank account to be arranged or provided by him.

The amount we are about transferring is totaled at
US$13,731 million. Also, here is the need for you to know that, we shall be sending you upon commencement, about $6000-$10,00 that will be used in taking care of some expenses, as well as settling some taxes here, which you shall handle personally., so there are absolutely no bills to be paid by you in the course of the transfer. Note however that it is only on the condition that you have an account domiciled in the United States or in the UK, that is when we shall make the funds available to you. Our financier is only prepared to release funds to the US & UK only. But if you are outside these regions, we will have to talk further. You will ertainly ask yourself how consequential this letter is. Indeed, is it not surprising to receive such a letter seeking immediate assistance? This is why today I am making you a non-binding, unrestricted offer, to bring us close into mutual understanding and cooperation now, and in the near future.

Trust is definitely the most noble trait in the world, and I urge you to trust my sincerity and the word of a simple and humble person of faith, who in the name of love for her equals is willing to accomplish the task of doing business with a trusted and transparent person. It is up to you to decide whether this letter deserves your trust and confidentiality. And if indeed it does, send me the following:

1. Your letter of consent.
2. Your mailing and contact address.
3. Your telephone numbers.

Upon receipt of the above, I shall communicate with you, and let you know the details of the transfer.
Whatever your actions and your decision, I hank you for taking the time to read my email.

Best personal regards.

Philip Doherty .



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