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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flora Zokora



One out of five.

Dearest One,

After reading your profile,I became interested in you and also want to
know more better you .My name is Flora Zokora, 22 year old girl a
student, my late father was a former gold minister in Sierra-Leone before
he was killed by the group of rebel. Before the death of my father, he
called me one early morning which is still fresh in my memory and told
me of some money he had deposited into a fixed account in a bank here in
Ivory Coast Abidjan for my schooling and some other needs when I am
old enough to take care of myself.

Now, since my father is late and our family members are after me to
kill me so as to inherit my fathers wealth, I kindly seek your help in
claiming this funds from the Bank and invest it into a business in your
country while you shall also help me get a visa into your country so
that I can further my education and we live together happilly.

The reason why I seek your help is because I am still a little girl and
cannot go for claims of that funds from the Bank because of my age

I shall send you the contact details of the bank where the fund is
deposited and aslo introduce you to the bank as my fathers business partner
overseas and shall forward all the deposit documents to you as soon as
I can confide in you that you would not sit in the funds after it gets
to your care.

Please,I want you to kindly tell me more about youself and what you do
for a living.

I also want you to reply to me immediatelly as the political status of
this country is not safe for me. Also send me your telephone number in
your reply so that i can call you for discussions.

Thanks a lot and God Bless you.

Flora Zokora.




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