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Monday, July 21, 2008



I've had nine of these this morning so far.

I do love the English and the reference to Surely, if you want to fool somebody so that they give them your bank account details, then it's a good idea to spell things correctly. I also like the fact that I'm being disturbed.

So it's fraud.

One out of five.

I notice too, that it's based on a Chinese domain name. I suppose the Chinese are too busy cleaning up the country for the Olympics.

Message From Job Association. &
You are disturbed by administration of sites of job Association. You are a member of this group. One of our employers interested in you. There is the message from this Employee*

It's really necessary for you!!!

Good day, we are glad to inform you about a new offer from !
It is the best partner program for people who look for additional earnings in internet.
Let me take away some moments to give information to you and that is possible that you'll stop searching for work in internet. Our offer could be very important and useful for you!

If you have some free hours per day and have some skills of working with computer we are interested in you to become our employee. Many people work with us and this work became primary for many of them. Now you have an opportunity to take participation in this business.

Here are some words about our company - Euro-Globax is considered to be the registered exchange office. We render services on input and output of such electronic money as E-gold, Western Union, Red-exchange, PayPal, Webmoney.

The basic vacancy is the post of operator of monetary streams management. Here we describe some qualities which should have a job-hunter. Responsible, diligent, fair. The given vacancy assumes behind itself carrier growth and a number of privileges (you do not have to pay taxes, also you have an opportunity to earn from 36000 dollars per year). All questions concerning necessary documents you can find here:

Here you can specify the additional information :
1. Official web site:
2. Registration for employee: click here
3. FAQ's: LINK
4. About US: LINK
I hope that our offer is interesting for you. And soon we'll see you as one of our best employees. Yours faithfully Job manager of Euro-Globax corporation mr. Jorreny

All rights reserved EURO-GLOBAX © 2001-2008



Blogger Unknown said...

I was just messing around and answered the original email for sh!ts and giggles. Here's the email i got in return.

"Thank you for the answer.

Receive our agreement.
Please, fill in the agreement, sign it, scan it and E-mail it back.
1. We need to know you mobile phone number to contact you!
2. We need the copy of your passport and the copy of a driving licence.
3. The copies of checks of payment for municipal services.
4. Home telefhone number + mobile number.
5. Your full address.
6. The information about last places of work.
7. We need to know Login and Password of your bank account for online access to your account on web site.
You should also send us the data of your bank account. You will need it to receive money from our managers and clients.
If you have no bank account, you will have to make the account at the nearest bank.
We require the following details:
We need to know bank account, type - checking.
The name and address of the bank:
Holder's name of the account:
Routing number:
Account number:
After you send us the required details, we'll send you the instructions for the following work.


Pretty bold if you ask me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 7:07:00 pm  

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